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End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List

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End of tenancy cleaning checklist can feel like a mountain to climb.

You’re moving out, the boxes are piling up and then there’s this mammoth task…

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

It separates those who breeze through their move-out day from those caught in deposit disputes with landlords. But if you don’t know how to tackle it systematically, your stress levels might just hit the roof.

Cleaning an entire property is no joke, folks.

I’ve heard stories about tenants spending days scrubbing away only for their landlord to find dust on top of a wardrobe or limescale in the kettle!

Suddenly they’re facing deductions from their deposit and feeling like all that elbow grease was wasted.

Absolute nightmare!

But here’s some truth…

end of tenancy cleaning checklist,, you’re setting yourself up for potential pitfalls.

Table of Contents:

The Importance of End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Let’s face it.

Cleaning at the conclusion of a rental agreement is absolutely necessary for both property owners and occupants.

It plays an essential role in avoiding disputes over the return of your tenancy deposit.

You see, one primary cause of disagreements between landlords and tenants revolves around end-of-tenancy cleaning.

A thorough deep clean can make all the difference when trying to secure that full deposit back.

Beyond just money matters, leaving a property in pristine condition also paves way for future tenant relationships.

It’s more than just scrubbing surfaces or steam cleaning carpets.

This process involves everything from removing stains on walls to ensuring washing machines are left spotless.

A comprehensive tenancy cleaning checklist ensures no corner goes untouched.

From polishing sinks to wiping down window sills – every detail counts towards achieving that professional clean finish.

So whether you’re waving goodbye or welcoming new occupants, remember this: cleanliness speaks volumes about respect.

And with Covid-19 still looming large, there has never been a better time to ensure high standards are maintained throughout each room.

With our guide on hand (and some elbow grease), we’ll help you navigate through this often overlooked but critical part of moving house.

Ready? Let’s delve into understanding your responsibilities as per your tenancy agreement next.

Understanding Tenant’s Responsibilities

The essence of any tenancy agreement is that the tenant must ensure their property is kept in a clean and orderly condition, going beyond regular tidying.

This isn’t just about making it look presentable; it involves deep cleaning that goes beyond daily chores.

Covid-19 Considerations

In light of Covid-19, there are new considerations for tenants when performing an end-of-tenancy clean.

If you’ve shown symptoms, your landlord can’t force you to foot the bill for additional professional cleaner services or steam cleaning procedures.

Tenants’ Cleaning Duties: A Room-by-Room Checklist Approach

  • To ensure every corner gets attention during your move-out process, adopt a room-by-room checklist approach.
  • Your goal should be leaving each space in pristine condition – from polishing sinks in bathrooms and kitchens to ensuring carpets undergo thorough carpet cleaning with appropriate fluid to remove stains effectively.
  • No stone must be left unturned – even smaller details like washing machine cleanliness or sparkling window sills make all the difference.

The Role of Landlords in End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Landlords play a vital role in the end-of-tenancy cleaning process.

They are responsible for ensuring that their properties remain attractive to prospective tenants, which often involves using an extensive tenancy cleaning checklist during property inspections.

This list serves as a yardstick against the original inventory report. It helps determine if any damages or unclean areas need addressing before a new tenant moves into the property.

Additionally, landlords can use part of a tenant’s deposit to pay for professional cleaner services under certain conditions.

Returning Tenants’ Deposits

Moving out can be stressful enough without worrying about your tenancy deposit.

However, it is incumbent upon landlords to return this sum within 10 days after both parties agree on its final amount.

However, failure by tenants to adhere strictly to their end-of-tenancy clean duties may result in deductions from these deposits.

For more information on how you’re protected and what happens when disputes arise over deductions made from your security payment, visit [insert relevant website here].

Next up: A comprehensive room-by-room guide that will help ensure every corner of your rental home sparkles like new. Stay tuned.

Comprehensive Room-by-Room End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

The process of end-of-tenancy cleaning can be daunting.

Despite the challenge of end-of-tenancy cleaning, a comprehensive checklist room by room can help guarantee that each area of the house is immaculate and ready for any new occupant.

Bedrooms & Living Areas

To start off our tenancy cleaning checklist, let’s tackle bedrooms and living areas. Use a professional cleaner or steam cleaning to deep clean carpets effectively.

Clean window sills should not be overlooked; use an appropriate cleaning fluid to remove dirt.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Moving on to bathrooms and kitchens, make sure to clean toilets with a toilet brush and sinks with a baking soda paste. Don’t forget about appliances such as washing machines which also need attention.

Kitchen Appliances: The Overlooked Detail?

In the kitchen, a thorough wipe-down will leave them sparkling. Remember that fridges require defrosting before being cleaned out entirely.


A comprehensive dusting followed by polishing ensures all furnishings are left gleaming.


All storage spaces must be emptied, cleaned, and checked thoroughly. Ensure they’re free from stains, dirt, and leftover items.

The goal here isn’t just cleanliness but creating an inviting space that any new tenant would love. This meticulous approach ensures no detail is missed during this important part of your end-of-tenancy clean.

Smaller Details Not To Overlook During End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

While the broad strokes of your tenancy cleaning checklist are essential, don’t overlook smaller details.

The devil is in these often-forgotten areas when it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Clean window sills:

Dust and dirt can accumulate over time on windowsills.

A thorough wipe down with a damp cloth followed by drying will ensure they’re spotless for the next tenant.

These need special attention as well.

They may not be glamorous but leaving them uncleaned could cost you part of your deposit.

This area tends to harbour detergent residue and mould.

A good scrub with an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar or bleach solution works wonders here.

Remember that every detail matters when it comes to impressing landlords or prospective tenants.

Ensuring everything from door handles to light switches is pristine helps maintain property value and keeps everyone happy during the transition process.

Now, let’s move onto how much this meticulous clean might set you back financially…

Cost Factors Involved in Professional End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Services

The cost of professional end-of-tenancy cleaning services can vary greatly. The cost of a professional end-of-tenancy clean can be impacted by numerous elements, such as the size and state of your dwelling.

A larger house will naturally require more time and resources to clean than a small flat, thus increasing the price.

The level of dirtiness also plays a significant role. If tenants have left behind stubborn stains or neglected areas that need deep cleaning, expect higher charges.

Different tasks come with different costs. For instance, carpet cleaning often requires steam cleaning equipment which is an additional expense.

Example Cleaning Services, for example, offers comprehensive end-of-tenancy packages that cover everything from washing machine maintenance to pristine window sills polishing.

However tempting it might be to try doing this yourself or hire someone cheap off an online marketplace, remember you get what you pay for. Professional cleaners not only bring their expertise but also guarantee results – leaving every corner spotless ready for prospective tenant viewings. They use high-quality products designed specifically to remove dirt without causing damage, ensuring your home returns to its original glory even after years of occupancy.

To give potential customers an idea of how much they could save, we’ve compiled a list of average prices based on various criteria:

  • One-bedroom apartment: £130 – £200
  • Two-bedroom apartment: £180 – £280
  • Three-bedroom house: £220 – £350

Remember, these are just estimates; actual costs may differ depending on the complexity of the job involved in each individual case.

In conclusion, getting professionals to handle tenancies is worth the investment, given the peace of mind it brings, knowing everything is set for the new occupants on move-in day.

Ensuring Pristine Condition For Prospective Tenants

An end-of-tenancy clean can significantly enhance the appeal of your property to prospective tenants.

The goal is not just to remove dirt, but also ensure every corner sparkles and shines.

This process involves deep cleaning all rooms, steam cleaning carpets where necessary, polishing sinks and other surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens alike.

Carpet Cleaning

A professional cleaner should be engaged for carpet cleaning tasks as they have specialised equipment that effectively removes stains embedded deeply into the fabric.

Kitchen Appliances

All kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges or washing machines need a thorough scrubbing inside out with appropriate cleaning fluid which leaves them looking brand new again.

Bathrooms & Toilets

Vinegar solutions or even simple toilet brush action can work wonders on bathroom fixtures like tubs or toilets ensuring their pristine condition before tenant moves in.

The result? A home that looks inviting enough for anyone considering renting it.

Remember: first impressions matter when you are trying to attract high-quality tenants.

And if this seems too much hassle?

Consider hiring a professional cleaner.

FAQs in Relation to End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

What is expected from an end of tenancy clean?

An end of tenancy clean involves deep cleaning the entire property, including carpets, appliances, windows and outdoor spaces. It should return the home to its original state as at move-in.

What equipment is needed for end of tenancy cleaning?

End-of-tenancy cleaning requires professional-grade tools like vacuum cleaners, steamers for carpet and upholstery, scrub brushes, microfibre cloths and appropriate cleaning solutions.

Do I need to clean the windows at the end of tenancy?

Yes. Windows are part of your rental property; therefore they must be cleaned both inside and out where possible during an end-of-tenancy clean.

Do tenants have to clean?

Tenants are obligated under most lease agreements to leave their rented property in a tidy condition similar to when they moved in. This includes thorough cleaning before vacating.


So, you’ve made it to the end of our journey through the end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Hasn’t this been a whirlwind?

We started with understanding why this task is so crucial.

Moving on, we dived into tenant responsibilities and how Covid-19 has shaken things up.

The role landlords play in all this wasn’t overlooked either.

And then came that exhaustive room-by-room guide. Bedrooms, kitchens… even outside spaces!

We also highlighted those pesky small details that can trip you up if ignored.

End of tenancy cleaning, though daunting at first glance, becomes manageable when tackled systematically.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! That’s where HomeGleames comes in.

We provide top-notch home cleaning services right here in Bristol.

Our professional cleaners will ensure your property sparkles from corner to corner following an extensive end-of-tenancy checklist.

Say goodbye to stress and secure your deposit return today by choosing HomeGleames!

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How To Start A Cleaning Business

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If you’re pondering how to start a cleaning business, this thorough ‘How To Start A Cleaning Business Guide‘ will supply all the data required. Cleaning businesses offer great potential for success, with high demand from both residential and commercial clients and relatively low overhead costs.

From choosing between franchise and independent operations to identifying local demand and tailoring your services accordingly, we’ll delve into every aspect of setting up a successful cleaning business. We’ll also discuss managing expenses effectively, registering your company, marketing strategies for success, financial management in the cleaning industry, and training staff for excellence.

This guide on “How to start a cleaning business”  is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how to start a cleaning business that thrives in today’s competitive market. Stay tuned as we unpack each step on this exciting journey towards becoming a successful cleaning business owner.

Table of Contents:

Why Start a Cleaning Business

So you’re thinking “how to start a cleaning business” but why do start one? Maybe you need some extra money, or you want to spend more time with your family so you are looking for more flexible hours? Starting a  company that offers cleaning services could be the ideal solution. The demand for professional cleaning services is high across the UK with potential clients ranging from private homeowners to commercial establishments.

One of the main advantages of this kind of business is its low overhead costs. You could start today by placing an advert in a local shop and then off you go. With a cleaning business, unlike many other types of businesses, you don’t need expensive equipment or premises to get started – just some basic cleaning supplies and your own time and effort. And if you start a cleaning agency then you don’t need any cleaning supplies just a process of running the business.

The demand for cleaning services, both residential and commercial, is consistently high. Many people find housecleaning stressful or even painful due to physical limitations or lack of time. By providing a reliable, professional service, you can help alleviate these problems while building a successful business.

Minimal Investment Required

With limited funds, starting a home-cleaning service is an ideal option for those looking to establish their own business and reap potential rewards.

Ample Opportunities for Growth and Profitability

No matter where in the UK you are based, there will always be homes that need regular cleans as well as offices, schools, and other establishments requiring more extensive deep-clean operations. These provide ample opportunities for growth and profitability within the sector.

Choosing Between Franchise and Independent Operations

If you’re thinking of starting a cleaning business in the UK, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to buy into an existing franchise or start independently. Both options possess their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of investing in a franchised cleaning business

Investing in a franchise can be beneficial as it provides access to an established brand name and proven business model. This reduces the risk associated with starting from scratch. However, this option requires a more significant upfront investment.

Advantages of independent operations

An independent operation, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility and control over your services. You get to decide how you want your business run without having to adhere strictly to franchise rules. But bear in mind that establishing your brand may require extra effort.

In both cases, understanding local market needs is crucial for success – whether that means focusing on residential homes or expanding into commercial spaces like schools or offices. Consider researching Bristol’s local market needs. Remember: careful planning will set your new venture off on the right foot.

Identifying Local Demand and Tailoring Services

When starting a cleaning business, it’s crucial to understand the unique demands of your local market. No matter the location, each area has its own unique requirements. For example, residential homes may require more attention than commercial spaces like schools or offices. Researching your local market can help you identify these specific needs and tailor your services accordingly.

The Importance of Understanding Local Market Needs

By focusing on what potential clients need most, you can make your service more appealing and increase customer satisfaction levels significantly. For instance, if there’s a high demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions in Bristol, offering this as part of your service could give you an edge over competitors. Research shows that understanding local market needs is key to success in the cleaning industry.

Benefits of Self-Performing Tasks at Initial Stages

In addition to understanding client needs, performing tasks yourself initially is highly beneficial when setting up a new enterprise like HomeGleames. It allows you to keep costs low while gaining firsthand experience before hiring employees or outsourcing jobs. Starting small and scaling gradually is often key to long-term success in this industry. Having autonomy over the output of your efforts can ensure customer satisfaction, which is essential for lasting prosperity in this field.

Managing Expenses Effectively

The two primary costs are supplies and equipment. Supplies include everyday items like sponges, scrubbers, and protective gloves, while equipment can range from vacuum cleaners to power washers.

Major Expenses Involved in Running a Cleaning Business

  • Cleaning Supplies: These recurring costs will form a significant part of your budget. Bulk purchasing may help reduce these expenses.
  • Equipment: Investing in high-quality, durable tools will save money in the long run as they require less frequent replacement.

Don’t forget to consider indirect costs such as fuel for transportation or potential repair bills for your equipment.

Creating an Effective Expense Budget

An expense budget is crucial to ensure you’re not overspending and eating into your profits. This involves listing all possible expenditures and allocating funds accordingly. Additionally, researching necessary tools and equipment can prevent cross-contamination between client homes – an aspect that could harm both reputation and customer satisfaction if overlooked. Remember: careful planning now saves headaches later.

Registering Your Cleaning Business in Bristol

Starting a cleaning business in Bristol requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to naming and registering your company. Your company name should be descriptive, memorable, and scalable enough to grow with your business. Once you’ve chosen a suitable name, it’s essential to register it promptly to prevent others from using the same one.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Name and Registering It

A good tip is to check if your preferred company name is available on Companies House WebCHeck service. This will help you avoid potential legal issues down the line.

Legal Considerations for Setting Up Your Cleaning Business

Depending on UK law, you may need to file for a license or pay an associated fee. You’ll also have to decide whether your business structure will be an LLC or sole proprietorship. For more information about this process, check out this guide by GOV.UK.

It is essential to have the correct insurance coverage in place, as this not only safeguards against unforeseen circumstances but also establishes confidence with customers who can be assured they are working with professionals that take their job seriously. This not only protects against unforeseen incidents but also builds trust with clients, knowing they’re dealing with professionals who take their work seriously.

Note: Seeking professional advice when setting up your own cleaning services firm is always advisable, particularly around matters such as tax obligations and employment laws.

Marketing Strategies for Success

In the world of cleaning businesses, marketing is an indispensable tool for success. A well-crafted marketing plan can help your business make a mark in an overcrowded market and draw in new customers.

Word of Mouth Referrals

The most powerful form of advertising comes from satisfied customers. Encourage clients to spread the word about your services, perhaps offering discounts or incentives for referrals.

Social Media Presence

A strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can significantly boost your visibility. Regularly post updates about your services, share customer testimonials, and engage with followers to build relationships.

Local Directories and Google Local Service Ads

List your business in local directories such as Yell or Thomson Local – these are often free and can increase exposure. Additionally, consider using Google Local Service Ads, which display at the top of search results when people look for cleaning services in Bristol.

Loyalty Discounts for Repeat Clients

Rewarding repeat clients with extra discounts not only fosters loyalty but also increases retention rates – a win-win situation.

To sum up: effective marketing strategies are key to growing a successful cleaning business like HomeGleames in Bristol’s competitive landscape. So, don’t be shy, get your business out there and start attracting new customers.

Financial Management in Cleaning Business

Managing your finances is crucial when running a cleaning business. From pricing to invoicing and tax planning, every decision you make affects your bottom line.

Setting Prices and Managing Invoices

Conduct market research to set competitive yet profitable prices. Use online tools like Yell to understand what other local cleaning businesses are charging. Once you’ve determined your pricing structure, ensure prompt invoicing after each service rendered.

Picking a Payment Provider and Choosing Payment Methods

Choose payment providers and methods that are convenient for both you and your clients. Consider options like bank transfers, card payments or mobile wallet apps such as Google Pay. Include all necessary details in the invoice, such as company name, services provided, and total amount due.

Tax Planning

Reserve about 30% of your income to cover taxes. Consult with an accountant or use software like QuickBooks UK Edition to streamline the process and make it less stressful. Proper tax planning is essential to avoid any legal issues.

Training Staff for Excellence

Your staff should be capable of handling different environments and situations with ease. This is where training becomes paramount.

The first step towards this goal could be enrolling your cleaners in professional cleaning courses. These courses offer the expertise and info required to deliver exceptional service. Additionally, obtaining certifications can further enhance their credibility while ensuring they’re equipped to offer the best possible service.

Besides formal education, on-the-job training plays a crucial role too. It allows your employees to gain hands-on experience under supervision before they start working independently. This practical approach helps reinforce what they’ve learned theoretically while familiarising them with real-world scenarios.

Moreover, regular refresher courses are beneficial as well – keeping your team updated about the latest industry standards or techniques can help maintain high levels of efficiency and effectiveness within your business operations.

In conclusion, investing in personnel education is essential if you wish to make your cleaning business successful.

FAQs in Relation to How to Start a Cleaning Business

Starting a Cleaning Business: Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to start a cleaning business, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Identify your target market and tailor your services to meet their needs.
  • Create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and financial projections.
  • Register your company with the appropriate authorities and obtain any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Hire trained staff who are reliable and efficient.
  • Implement effective marketing strategies to reach potential customers.

The Profitability of Cleaning Businesses

When managed well, cleaning businesses can be highly profitable due to low overhead costs and high demand for services.

Factors to Consider When Starting a Cleaning Business

When planning to start a cleaning business, consider factors such as local demand, competition, pricing, staffing, and operational expenses.

Starting a Cleaning Business in Other Countries or States

If you’re interested in starting a cleaning business outside of Bristol, UK, be sure to research the specific details and requirements for that location.

  • Check local regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Research the local market and competition.
  • Consider any cultural or language barriers that may affect your business.

Other Types of Businesses to Consider

If cleaning isn’t your thing, consider starting a business in another industry that interests you.

  • Research different industries and identify potential opportunities.
  • Create a business plan and obtain any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Hire staff and implement effective marketing strategies.


Choosing between franchised or independent operations, identifying local demand and tailoring services, managing expenses effectively, registering your company, marketing strategies for success, financial management and training staff for excellence are all crucial factors to consider when starting your own cleaning business.

Personal opinions or experiences can also help you stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base.

However, be careful not to include unrelated information that could confuse or bore potential clients.

By following these steps outlined in this guide on “How To Start A Cleaning Business,” and using credible sources to backup claims, you can set yourself up for success and establish a thriving enterprise that meets the needs of residential and commercial clients alike.

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Essential Cleaning Tips for Bristol Home Owners

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Maintaininga spotless abode is an intricate practice, which demands both attentiveness and understanding of different surfaces and their cleaning methods. It requires not only diligence but also knowledge about different materials and surfaces, as well as their appropriate cleaning solutions.

In this guide, we will explore various facets of home cleanliness. From decluttering your space to dusting furniture and handrails, every step is crucial for achieving that pristine environment.

We will also shed light on specialised cleaning techniques for specific areas such as mattresses and window blinds. Furthermore, our discussion extends to the importance of regular disinfection of high contact areas using homemade non-toxic solutions.

Maintaining kitchen appliances like dishwashers forms another significant part of our discourse. We’ll provide valuable advice on dealing with stubborn dirt on electric stove burners too.

Lastly, expect some unconventional household items used for cleaning and tips on computer and electronic devices maintenance. Let’s embark together on this journey towards mastering momentum in housekeeping tasks with these insightful cleaning tips.

Table of Contents:

Decluttering Before Cleaning

A crucial step in maintaining a clean home is decluttering before you begin the actual cleaning process. This involves picking up clutter, dusting furniture, handrails, picture frames and TV screens. It not only helps in keeping your space tidy but also makes subsequent deep-cleaning tasks easier.

Picking up Clutter

Gather all mislaid items and return them to their respective spots for a swift and effortless task. This includes toys, books, clothes and other personal belongings. Having a designated spot for everything can make this task much quicker and simpler.

Dusting Furniture and Handrails

Once the mess has been cleared, it’s time to tackle dusting around your house. Use a microfibre cloth or duster to remove dust from furniture tops, shelves, picture frames and handrails. Don’t forget areas like window sills and TV screens which often accumulate more dust than we realise.

Incorporating these steps into your regular routine will help maintain an organised living environment while making deep-cleaning tasks less daunting. Remember that consistency is key when it comes to maintaining cleanliness at home.

Specialised Cleaning Techniques for Specific Areas

Keeping your Bristol home spick and span involves more than just regular dusting and vacuuming. Certain areas or items require specialised cleaning techniques to achieve optimal results.

Mattress Cleaning Technique

To clean mattresses effectively, use a garment steamer followed by a vacuum’s upholstery tool. This method removes surface dirt and hidden dust mites, ensuring a fresh and hygienic place to rest at night.

Window Blinds Maintenance

Your window blinds are often overlooked during routine cleaning. To keep them pristine, remove dust weekly using a soft cloth or duster. Additionally, spraying glass cleaner on the slats maintains their shine and prevents grime build-up over time.

Incorporating these specialised techniques into your regular cleaning routine can greatly enhance your home’s cleanliness while extending the lifespan of these household items. Remember, every little detail counts when maintaining a delightful living space in Bristol.

Disinfect High Contact Areas Regularly

Aside from the usual cleaning activities like sweeping and vacuuming, it’s important to disinfect high contact areas around the house. These include germ hotspots like kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets.

The Importance of Disinfection

Regular disinfection is crucial in maintaining a healthy living environment. It eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses. Remember to use gloves while handling disinfectants and follow the instructions on product labels carefully.

Homemade Non-toxic Disinfection Solutions

  • Vinegar: A solution of equal parts white vinegar and water serves as an effective non-toxic disinfectant for most surfaces.
  • Baking Soda: When combined with water, baking soda creates a paste that can effectively clean grime off surfaces.
  • Lemon Juice: Its natural acidity makes it an excellent antibacterial agent suitable for kitchen countertops and cutting boards.

Please note that these homemade solutions may not kill all types of germs, but they offer a safer alternative to commercial cleaners containing harsh chemicals. For more stubborn stains or heavy-duty tasks, consider using products specifically designed for those purposes from trusted brands like Dettol.

Maintaining Kitchen Appliances

Beneath the surface of your kitchen, diligent cleaning and maintenance of appliances is necessary to keep them running smoothly and avoid any unpleasant odours. These workhorses are often overlooked but need special care to keep them running efficiently and prevent unpleasant odours from developing over time.

Dishwasher Care Tips

Your dishwasher does a great job at keeping your dishes sparkling clean, but it also needs some TLC itself. Here’s how you can maintain it:

  • Remove leftover food bits: After each cycle, make sure to remove any remaining bits of food. This not only enhances its efficiency but also prevents bad smells from building up.
  • Clean filters regularly: Your dishwasher’s filter traps large pieces of debris that could otherwise block the drain. Regularly cleaning this filter will ensure optimal performance.
  • Vinegar rinse: A monthly vinegar rinse can help descale your machine and get rid of any lingering odours. Simply place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run a hot-water cycle.

Other appliances like ovens, fridges and microwaves also require periodic maintenance for their longevity and optimum functionality. A little effort goes a long way in ensuring these essential tools continue serving you well while contributing towards maintaining an overall clean environment within your Bristol home.

Dealing With Stubborn Dirt on Electric Stove Burners

One of the trickiest parts of keeping your kitchen clean is dealing with stubborn dirt on electric stove burners. Over time, food particles and grease can build up, making them a nightmare to clean. But fear not, there are a few tried-and-tested methods that can make this task less daunting.

Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol

One effective method involves using rubbing alcohol. Dip a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol and gently scrub the burner. The alcohol helps break down the grease and grime, making it easier to remove. Good Housekeeping recommends this technique for tackling tough stains.

Method 2: Hot Water and Dish Detergent

If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn dirt or burnt-on food residue, try submerging your burners in hot water mixed with dish detergent for about 20 minutes before scrubbing them clean. This technique is also recommended by Good Housekeeping as an effective way of tackling tough stains.

The Right Tools for the Job

When it comes to scrubbing your burners, melamine sponges often outperform rubber ones due to their superior scrubbing capabilities. Cleanipedia recommends these types of sponges for their effectiveness in removing even the toughest grime from stove burners.

Keeping your electric stove burners clean not only improves the appearance of your kitchen but also enhances its functionality by ensuring efficient heat distribution during cooking.

Other Cleaning Services in Bristol

If you’re struggling to keep your home clean, there are plenty of cleaning services in Bristol that can help. From regular house cleaning to deep cleaning and end-of-tenancy cleaning, there’s a service to suit every need and budget.

The Negative Aspects of Home Cleaning

While keeping your home clean is important, it’s worth noting that there are some negative aspects to consider. For example, some cleaning products can be harmful to the environment and your health. Cleaning can be a laborious and exhausting task, particularly if you have a big house or an occupied timetable. It’s important to strike a balance between keeping your home clean and taking care of yourself.

Key Takeaway: 

This section provides tips for cleaning electric stove burners, including using rubbing alcohol or hot water and dish detergent. It also recommends using melamine sponges for effective scrubbing. While keeping a clean home is important, it’s worth considering the negative aspects such as harmful cleaning products and the time-consuming nature of cleaning. There are various cleaning services available in Bristol to help with this task.

Unconventional Household Items Used For Cleaning

When it comes to home cleaning, there are a number of unconventional household items that can surprisingly do the job. One such item is vodka. Yes, you read that right. Vodka isn’t just for cocktails; it’s also an excellent cleaner.

Vodka has been known to combat mildew on bathroom tiles effectively. Spray the area with vodka and wait 10 minutes before wiping it off for a bacteria-free, eco-friendly cleaning solution. The alcohol in the vodka helps to kill off any bacteria or mould present, leaving your tiles looking as good as new.

This technique is not only efficient but also eco-friendly compared to many commercial cleaners available in the market which often contain harsh chemicals. It’s always great when we can find alternative uses for things we already have at home.

Besides vodka, other unconventional household items like vinegar and baking soda have long been hailed as natural cleaning solutions due to their antibacterial properties and ability to cut through grime respectively.

Incorporating these unexpected heroes into your regular cleaning routine could potentially save you time and money while reducing your exposure to harmful substances commonly found in traditional cleaning products.

Why Vodka Works as a Cleaner

Vodka is a natural disinfectant due to its high alcohol content. It can kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces, making it an effective cleaner for your home. Plus, it’s odourless, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering smells after cleaning.

Benefits of Using Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar is a natural acid that can dissolve dirt, grime, and mineral deposits. It’s also a natural deodoriser, making it a great choice for cleaning surfaces like kitchen counters and floors. Plus, it’s safe to use on most surfaces, including wood and tile.

Baking Soda: The Ultimate Cleaning Agent

Baking soda is a versatile cleaning agent that can be used for a variety of tasks around the home. It’s a natural abrasive that can help remove stains and grime from surfaces like sinks and bathtubs. Plus, it’s non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.


Next time you’re in a jam and require to clean your residence, contemplate employing one of these out-of-the-ordinary household items. Not only are they effective, but they’re also eco-friendly and affordable. Who knew that vodka, vinegar, and baking soda could be such powerful cleaning agents?

Key Takeaway: 

Unconventional household items like vodka, vinegar and baking soda can be used as natural cleaning solutions due to their antibacterial properties and ability to cut through grime. These items are not only efficient but also eco-friendly compared to many commercial cleaners available in the market which often contain harsh chemicals. Incorporating these unexpected heroes into your regular cleaning routine could potentially save you time and money while reducing your exposure to harmful substances commonly found in traditional cleaning products.

Computer and Electronic Devices Maintenance

In this digital era, computers and other electronic devices have become integral parts of modern households. Hence, they require periodic maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

Maintaining Your Computer Fan

An old pillowcase can be a handy tool for cleaning your computer fan. Simply wrap it around the fan blade and give it a good shake. This method will dislodge any accumulated debris effectively without causing damage to the delicate components. For more detailed instructions on how to clean your computer fan, check out this guide.

Cleaning Keyboards Efficiently

Keyboards are notorious for trapping dust particles between keys over time. To tackle this issue, flip them upside down and gently tap to get rid of these pesky particles. If you need further guidance on maintaining your keyboard’s cleanliness, here is an informative article that could help.

Maintaining electronic devices properly not only boosts their performance but also increases their longevity, thereby helping you save in the long run. So don’t overlook these simple yet effective tips when carrying out your routine housekeeping tasks.

Momentum in Housekeeping Tasks

When it comes to maintaining a clean and tidy home, the secret lies in creating momentum. This involves making housekeeping tasks a team effort, involving all family members and delegating tasks accordingly. By distributing the burden of housework among everyone in the family, it prevents any one individual from shouldering all of it.

Turning chores into fun activities can add an element of joy to what could otherwise be seen as a monotonous routine. For instance, you could create cleaning games or reward systems for your children when they complete their assigned tasks.

Get the Kids Involved

  • Pick up toys: younger kids can help by picking up their toys and putting them away in designated boxes or shelves.
  • Dusting: older children might enjoy dusting furniture or helping with vacuuming.
  • Cleaning dishes: teenagers can take turns washing dishes after meals or loading the dishwasher.

Pay Attention to Details

Focusing on details is also key – paying attention to those little corners that often get overlooked during regular cleaning sessions will make your living space truly delightful to reside in. Remember, good housekeeping isn’t just about cleanliness but also about creating a comfortable and inviting environment for everyone who lives there.

Creating a clean and tidy home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By involving the whole family and making it fun, you can create momentum and turn it into a habit. So, get everyone involved and start cleaning.

FAQs in Relation to Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips for a Tidy Home

Regular decluttering, frequent dusting of furniture and handrails, proper maintenance of kitchen appliances, and disinfecting high contact areas are some effective ways to keep your house clean. Using unconventional household items like vinegar can also be helpful.

The Golden Rule of Housekeeping

Always start cleaning from top-to-bottom and left-to-right across a room to prevent dirt particles from falling on already cleaned surfaces and to maintain momentum in your cleaning routine.

Tools for Effective Home Cleaning

Microfibre cloths, scrub brushes, vacuum cleaners, and mop buckets are some of the articles that can be used for efficient home-cleaning. For specific tasks like window blinds maintenance or mattress care, specialized tools may be required.

Consistency is Key

The fundamental principle of efficient domestic upkeep is regularity – maintaining a consistent schedule aids greatly in preventing build-up of stubborn dirt on electric stove burners or elsewhere around the house.

HomeGleamers’s Services

HomeGleamers offers cleaning services in Bristol, UK, as well as other home maintenance tasks that are not related to cleaning. We also provide commercial or industrial cleaning techniques and products. Check out our website for more information and personal anecdotes or experiences from our satisfied customers.


Keep your Bristol home clean and healthy with these top tips: declutter before cleaning, use specialised techniques for specific areas, disinfect high contact areas regularly, maintain kitchen appliances, deal with stubborn dirt on electric stove burners, utilise unconventional household items for cleaning and computer/electronic devices maintenance.

By incorporating these tips into your regular housekeeping routine, you’ll save time and achieve better results – momentum is key when it comes to housekeeping tasks, so don’t let clutter build up!

Remember to regularly disinfect high contact areas like door handles and light switches to keep germs at bay.

For stubborn dirt on electric stove burners, try using baking soda and vinegar for a natural and effective solution.

Unconventional household items like toothpaste and dryer sheets can be used for cleaning and maintaining computer and electronic devices.

Keep your home sparkling clean with these easy and practical tips!

Aug 29

Domestic Cleaning Services: Essential Guide for Bristol

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Domestic cleaning services have become an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space for homeowners in Bristol. By availing of domestic cleaning services, homeowners in Bristol can save time while ensuring their home remains clean and organised. In this blog post, we will delve into the numerous benefits of hiring domestic cleaning service providers.

We will guide you through the process of choosing the right domestic cleaning service provider by discussing factors such as determining required services, frequency of visits, insurance certificates, cost estimates and seeking recommendations from trusted sources. Furthermore, we will explore effective communication strategies with your cleaner to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that all special requests are met.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the financial implications for homeowners when hiring a professional house cleaning service including payroll taxes and unemployment insurance considerations. Additionally, we’ll introduce HomeGleames – a trusted domestic cleaning agency since 2002 – offering customised solutions based on individual requirements while maintaining a long-standing reputation in Bristol.

Table of Contents:

Benefits of Hiring Domestic Cleaning Services

Professional domestic cleaning services, like HomeGleames, provide numerous advantages for busy homeowners in Bristol. These services save time and effort while ensuring that your living space remains clean and germ-free. By carefully selecting the right company or individual cleaner based on your specific needs, preferences, and requirements beforehand (and communicating openly with them throughout the entire working relationship), you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is being taken care of by experienced professionals using top-quality equipment and supplies designed specifically for the purpose intended.

Time-saving benefits for busy homeowners

Hiring a professional cleaning service can significantly reduce the time spent on household chores. This allows you to dedicate your energy and attention to other essential facets of life, like job responsibilities, familial duties or just savouring some deserved rest. A professional cleaner can take on the tedious task of vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors and sanitising surfaces to provide a safe and hygienic environment.

Maintaining a clean and germ-free environment

A clean home not only looks great but also promotes good health by reducing allergens such as dust mites and mould spores which can trigger asthma attacks or allergies in sensitive individuals. Regularly scheduled visits from a professional cleaner ensure germs are kept at bay through thorough disinfection processes targeting high-touch areas like door handles, light switches, kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures etc., ultimately providing a safer living environment for everyone residing within it.

Peace of mind from hiring experienced professionals

Selecting an established cleaning agency ensures access to trained staff who are well-versed in industry best practices and techniques. They will be equipped with the necessary tools, cleaning solutions and knowledge to tackle a wide range of tasks effectively. Furthermore, reputable companies typically conduct background checks on their employees, ensuring that you can trust the individuals entering your home.

Customised service tailored to your needs

One size does not fit all when it comes to domestic cleaning services. A good provider will work closely with you to create a bespoke plan that caters specifically for your requirements – whether this means focusing on certain rooms or areas within the property or adhering strictly to eco-friendly products if preferred. This flexibility allows homeowners in Bristol to enjoy a truly personalised experience which takes into account their unique preferences while still delivering exceptional results every time.

So, if you’re a busy homeowner in Bristol looking to save time, maintain a clean and healthy living environment, and enjoy peace of mind from hiring experienced professionals, incorporating professional domestic cleaning services like HomeGleames into your routine is an investment worth making.

Key Takeaway: 

The benefits of hiring professional domestic cleaning services in Bristol are numerous, including saving time and effort, maintaining a clean and germ-free environment, enjoying peace of mind from experienced professionals, and receiving customised service tailored to your needs. Hiring a reputable company like HomeGleames can help busy homeowners focus on other important aspects of life while ensuring their living space is taken care of by trained staff using top-quality equipment and supplies. Ultimately, incorporating professional domestic cleaning services into your routine is an investment worth making for a cleaner, healthier home.

Choosing the Right Domestic Cleaning Service Provider

Finding the perfect domestic cleaning service provider for your Bristol home can be daunting. But, by considering several factors and doing some research, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs. Let’s discuss how to determine required cleaning services, frequency of visits, insurance certificates & cost estimates, and seeking recommendations from friends or neighbours.

Determining Required Cleaning Services

Before hiring a cleaner or company like HomeGleames, identify which specific services you require. These may include deep-cleaning tasks like carpet shampooing or routine maintenance like dusting. Make a list of all the areas in your home that need attention so you can communicate these requirements clearly with potential providers.

Frequency of Service Visits

Decide how often you want your chosen professional to visit your property – daily, weekly or monthly? This decision depends on factors like budget constraints and personal preferences regarding cleanliness levels within your living space.

Insurance Certificates & Cost Estimates

To protect yourself against any liability issues arising from accidents during cleaning sessions, ask prospective companies for proof of insurance coverage before signing contracts with them. Additionally, request written proposals outlining expected costs involved along with timelines associated so there are no surprises later down the line.

Seeking Recommendations

  • Talk to friends: Ask people close to you if they have had positive experiences working with local cleaners who might suit what you’re looking for too.
  • Browse online reviews: Check out websites like Yell and Trustpilot for customer feedback on various cleaning service providers in Bristol.
  • Contact local agencies: Reach out to domestic cleaning agencies such as HomeGleames, who have a long-standing reputation within the community and can provide reliable cleaners tailored to your specific requirements.

To ensure you make an informed decision that is best suited to your needs, it’s important to be clear about your preferences and expectations when engaging with potential domestic cleaners. Remember always to communicate openly with potential candidates regarding preferences and expectations so everyone involved understands what is required from them throughout their working relationship together.

Key Takeaway: 

This section provides tips on how to choose the right domestic cleaning service provider in Bristol. It advises homeowners to determine their required cleaning services, frequency of visits, and ask for insurance certificates & cost estimates from potential providers. Seeking recommendations from friends or neighbours and browsing online reviews can also help make an informed decision when selecting a reliable cleaner or company like HomeGleames that meets individual needs within budget constraints.

Effective Communication With Your Cleaner

Having a tidy residence is essential, but it’s just as vital to set up lucid communication with your cleaner in order to guarantee that you get the best possible service. By discussing any special requests, preferences or areas in your home requiring extra attention, you can make certain that both parties are on the same page. This helps avoid potential disputes arising later on due to misunderstandings.

Discussing Special Requests & Preferences

To get the most out of your domestic cleaning services, it’s important to openly discuss any specific requirements or preferences you may have. If you have any particular cleaning products or surfaces that require special attention, be sure to communicate this clearly with your cleaner. Additionally, inform them about any delicate items or areas that require special care during the cleaning process. By providing this information upfront and maintaining an open dialogue throughout their employment period, you can ensure a smooth working relationship between both parties.

Providing Written Instructions

In addition to verbal communication, providing written instructions for tasks and expectations can further clarify things for all involved parties. This could include creating a detailed checklist outlining which tasks should be completed during each visit and highlighting any specific concerns regarding cleanliness standards in various parts of the house such as bathrooms or kitchens where germs might accumulate more easily than elsewhere (NHS advice on preventing germ spread). Having these guidelines documented ensures everyone has access at all times, thus reducing chances for confusion down the line.

Avoiding Misunderstandings Through Clear Communication

  • Maintain regular contact: Keep lines of communication open by scheduling regular check-ins with your cleaner to discuss their progress and address any concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Be specific: When providing feedback, be clear about what you like and dislike in terms of cleaning standards. This will help your cleaner understand how they can improve their service to better meet your expectations.
  • Show appreciation: A little gratitude goes a long way. Acknowledge the hard work put in by your cleaner and thank them for their efforts – this can boost morale and encourage them to continue delivering high-quality services.

In conclusion, effective communication is key when it comes to ensuring a successful working relationship between homeowners and domestic cleaners. By discussing special requests, providing written instructions, maintaining regular contact, being specific with feedback, and showing appreciation for their efforts – you’ll create an environment where both parties feel valued while achieving desired cleanliness results within your home.

Key Takeaway: 

The importance of clear communication with your domestic cleaner cannot be overstated. Discussing special requests and preferences, providing written instructions, maintaining regular contact, being specific with feedback and showing appreciation are all key to ensuring a successful working relationship between homeowners and cleaners in Bristol. This will help avoid potential disputes arising later on due to misunderstandings while achieving desired cleanliness results within your home.

Financial Implications for Homeowners

Hiring a domestic cleaner can have financial implications for homeowners who employ individuals directly rather than through established companies. Employers must pay payroll tax along with unemployment insurance tax annually by completing Schedule H forms as part of their Form 1040 income tax return submissions. However, this should not deter people from seeking help maintaining homes since overall benefits gained far outweigh costs incurred long-term anyway.

Payroll and Unemployment Insurance Taxes

When hiring a domestic cleaner directly, it’s essential to be cognizant of the additional duties that come with being an employer; such as payroll taxes and unemployment insurance taxes. One such responsibility is paying payroll taxes, which include National Insurance contributions and income tax deductions for your employee.

In addition to payroll taxes, you’ll also need to consider unemployment insurance taxes. These are mandatory payments made by employers to fund benefits for workers who lose their jobs involuntarily.

Weighing the Cost vs. Benefits of Hiring a Cleaner

  • Time savings: By hiring a professional cleaner, busy homeowners can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning tasks themselves.
  • Maintaining cleanliness: A clean home is essential for good health and well-being; investing in regular cleaning services ensures your living space remains hygienic and germ-free.
  • Potential increase in property value: Regular maintenance and cleaning can help preserve the value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future.
  • Reduced stress: Knowing that your home is being taken care of by a professional cleaner can provide peace of mind and reduce overall stress levels.

While there are financial implications associated with hiring a domestic cleaner directly, it’s essential to weigh these costs against the numerous benefits provided. By considering factors such as time savings, maintaining cleanliness, increasing property value, and reducing stress levels, homeowners may find that investing in professional cleaning services is well worth the expense.

Alternative Options: Hiring Through an Agency

If you’re concerned about managing payroll taxes and unemployment insurance for a domestic cleaner yourself, consider hiring through an established agency like HomeGleames. When you hire through an agency, they take on many employer responsibilities – including handling tax payments – which simplifies the process for busy homeowners. Additionally, agencies often have strict vetting processes for their cleaners so you can be confident in receiving high-quality service tailored to your needs.

Key Takeaway: 

The financial implications of hiring a domestic cleaner in the UK can be significant, as employers must pay payroll and unemployment insurance taxes. However, the benefits of investing in professional cleaning services such as time savings, maintaining cleanliness, increasing property value and reducing stress levels outweigh these costs. Homeowners who are concerned about managing tax payments themselves may consider hiring through an established agency like HomeGleames to simplify the process and receive high-quality service tailored to their needs.

HomeGleames – Trusted Domestic Cleaning Agency Since 2002

For almost 20 years, HomeGleames has been keeping Bristol homes clean and germ-free. Our reputation for excellence and reliability is unmatched, thanks to our careful selection of the best cleaners to suit your individual needs.

Long-standing Reputation in Bristol

Since 2002, we’ve been a trusted name in the local community. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through our many satisfied clients who continue to rely on us for their home cleaning requirements. By consistently delivering high-quality service, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading domestic cleaning agencies in Bristol.

Thorough Vetting Process for Cleaners

  • Criminal background checks: We ensure all potential cleaners undergo comprehensive criminal background checks before joining our team.
  • Reference verification: To guarantee professionalism and trustworthiness, we verify references from previous employers or clients of each cleaner.
  • Skill assessment: Our rigorous skill assessment process helps us determine whether candidates possess the necessary expertise and experience required for exceptional housekeeping performance.
  • In-person interviews: An essential part of our vetting process includes conducting face-to-face interviews with prospective cleaners so that we can gauge their suitability based on communication skills, attitude, and work ethic.

Customised Cleaning Solutions Based on Individual Requirements

No two homes are alike, so it’s crucial that your chosen cleaning service caters specifically to your unique preferences and requirements. At HomeGleames, we understand this and strive to provide tailored cleaning solutions that meet your expectations. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Regular domestic cleaning
  2. One-off deep cleans
  3. End-of-tenancy cleaning
  4. Carpet and upholstery cleaning

In addition to these standard offerings, our cleaners are more than happy to accommodate any special requests or instructions you may have regarding specific tasks or areas in your home. Simply communicate openly with us about your needs, and we’ll ensure they’re met.

If you’re a homeowner in Bristol seeking a reliable and professional domestic cleaning service provider, look no further than HomeGleames. With our extensive experience, thorough vetting process for cleaners, and customised approach to each client’s requirements, you can trust us to keep your living space clean and germ-free. To learn more about how we can help maintain the cleanliness of your home, get in touch with us today.

Key Takeaway: 

HomeGleames is a trusted domestic cleaning agency in Bristol that has been providing high-quality cleaning services for almost 20 years. They have established themselves as one of the leading agencies in the area by carefully selecting and vetting their cleaners, offering customised cleaning solutions based on individual requirements, and ensuring customer satisfaction through exceptional service. Their range of services includes regular domestic cleaning, deep cleans, end-of-tenancy cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning with flexibility to accommodate any special requests or instructions from clients.

FAQs in Relation to Domestic Cleaning Services

What is the purpose of domestic cleaning?

The primary purpose of domestic cleaning is to maintain a clean, hygienic, and comfortable living environment in your home, which can be achieved through tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitising surfaces and bathrooms, washing dishes and laundry.

What is the difference between a housekeeper and a domestic cleaner?

A housekeeper typically takes on more responsibilities than just cleaning, such as managing household chores like cooking meals, grocery shopping or running errands, while domestic cleaners focus solely on maintaining the cleanliness of your home through various tasks like vacuuming or sanitising surfaces.

What makes a good domestic cleaner?

A good domestic cleaner should be reliable, punctual, trustworthy and have excellent attention to detail, possessing strong communication skills for understanding client requirements and preferences while having knowledge about effective cleaning techniques using appropriate cleaning products.

How important are cleaning services?

Cleaning services play an essential role in maintaining hygiene levels within homes by removing dirt particles that can cause allergies or illnesses, promoting healthier living environments for occupants while increasing property value due to their well-maintained appearance.


Hiring domestic cleaning services in Bristol can save time and ensure a clean, germ-free home environment with peace of mind from experienced professionals. When choosing a service provider, consider required cleaning services, visit frequency, insurance certificates, and cost estimates. Effective communication with your cleaner is crucial to meet special requests and preferences. HomeGleames is a trusted agency since 2002 that offers customised cleaning solutions while maintaining their reputation in Bristol. Investing in domestic cleaning services can be financially beneficial and stress-free for maintaining a clean home.

Nov 25

How To Find A Home Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Finding A Cleaner – The Trials & Tribulations – DIY or Call in The Professionals!

Do you despair and give up hope that you will never find a suitable cleaner?  Years ago (prior to starting HomeGleamers) I needed a cleaner and faced that dilemma – do I find one myself or use a professional domestic cleaning company to find one for me. 

First I went down my own route – placed an advert in a local shop and crossed my fingers.  I had a few replies but I have to say I was not confident by speaking to any of the ‘cleaners’ that called that they would be suitable for me.  I lived alone at that stage and went abroad a lot so I needed someone I could trust implicitly. 

Back to the drawing board, I started phoning cleaning companies and yes I phoned all of them! To be fair I am fussy about who I spend my money with so companies that I work with have to reach a certain standard.  But for many of those companies not even the basics were there:  half of the companies did not answer (and had no answerphone), a couple answered the phone “‘Ello what do you want?” (no comment!) and of the rest only 2 sounded friendly, courteous and professional. 

Of the final 2 I arranged for them to come and see me – one lovely lady turned up from a local cleaning company and assured me she had plenty of cleaners that could help me and we arranged for her to call me back with suitable days that they could provide.  The second cleaning company representative did not even turn up!  When I called them asking where they were, they said that I lived too far away from them – so my question was then: why had they made the appointment with me in the first place!?  To which I did not get a reply.

A few days later with slight nervousness, I opened the door to my new cleaner and I have to say, that the local company came up trumps – she was with me for a few years, in fact until I moved away from the area.  So thank you to that one local cleaning company that actually wanted my business, got me a lovely cleaner and made me a happy client.

Some Top Advice Tips for you when deciding to DIY or to find a local Professional Cleaning Service


#1.  First ask your friends and neighbours – can they recommend anyone?  Local recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

#2.  If you place an advert in a local shop – only include your contact details NOT your address – you may get not only genuine applicants calling you but some odd people too.  So only leave it up until you’ve found your cleaner.

#3.  Go and interview the cleaner in their home – you want to see the type of person that they are and how they live before you invite them into your home and trust them with your cleaning.

#4.  Check their identity – see a passport/driving licence for photo ID and also a utility bill proving that they live in the home where you are interviewing them.  (It has been known for potential cleaners to meet us in their mates house because it’s cleaner!)

#5.  Ask for the names of at least 2 people who you can approach for references AND phone them and do not engage the cleaner until you have spoken to both of these referees.  You may also want those referees to put the reference in writing as confirmation of what they’ve said on the telephone to you.

Professional Service

#1.  Ask them how long they have been operating and how many clients they provide a service to.  You want to be sure that they’re not a fly-by-night company – here on day and gone the next.

#2.  Find out how they find their cleaners and how the selection and vetting process works – be sure that they will provide you with an honest and reliable cleaner.

#3.  Check that the company has insurance in place to cover the cleaners work within your home.  Ask about any restrictions and excess charges – know where you stand in the unlikely event of a claim. (We hope!)

#4.  Find out how you can get hold of someone if you need to – do they work office hours, where are they located – locally or overseas – yes some companies run their business from sunnier climates, relying on cleaners to sort themselves out without any local support.

#5.  Ask about sickness/holiday cover for your regular cleaner.  You don’t want to be paying for a service that doesn’t offer a cover cleaner when your regular cleaner of off with illness or away on holiday – the whole idea of a paying for a professional service is to ensure that your home gets cleaned Each and Every week without fail.

If you’d like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Nov 25

Save Five Hours A Week

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Do you clean for five hours each week? That’s how long the average Briton spends time cleaning and tidying with kitchens getting the most attention

Would you prefer to spend that time doing something more enjoyable?  Spend those extra hours with your family, enjoying a hobby or catching up with friends?

Britons spend nearly five hours a week keeping their homes clean, a survey found.   Kitchens are cleaned most often, while doing the oven and windows are the least popular jobs.

Quick Quiz:  How long do you spend cleaning your home?  Complete the far right-hand column with the timings taken by the average homeowner.  Add up what the total would be for your home.

Eg.  The average household: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and medium sized kitchen spends 4 hours per week just cleaning.

Were you shocked by how long you are spending just cleaning each week? 

HomeGleamers have found that the number one reason that clients pay for a cleaning service is to give them back some leisure time.  With 2 partners in a household often working, cooking, washing and cleaning has to be fitted into short evenings and the weekends, leaving little time for leisure time. 

Surely we’d all love to use some of those 5 hours doing something other than cleaning!

On average families spend 2 hours each evening preparing, cooking and enjoying dinner, catching up on washing and ironing and doing the shopping.  Cleaning is often shoehorned in small snatches of time so the home never seems to be fully clean at any one time. 

Even worse, some of us allocate Saturday morning as “cleaning time” and spend 2-3 hours of the first day of our weekend – cleaning.  Imagine waking up every Saturday morning knowing that the first thing you’ve got to do it clean.  I know that would make me dread Saturday mornings.

This is where a home cleaning service offers every household a valuable lifeline.  Once a week a cleaner can sweep in (excuse the pun) and blitz your home from top to bottom leaving you with that “Wow isn’t it lovely and clean” feeling when you walk in the door. 

The average home needs usually 2 to 3 hours per week for a thorough clean and of course if that ironing pile seems to never diminish, many cleaning services offer an in-home ironing service too.  Wouldn’t that be great, to come home to all your clothes ironed and neatly folded, ready to be put away.

For busy households with parents and children coming and going, time is precious and often those few family hours are a little tense as we all juggle trying to fit everything in.  Often arguments occur due to clutter build up, washing up not done and the bathrooms being permanently in a state of chaos.

With a once a week cleaning service, families do not need to worry, their home will have been cleaned professionally, with no interruptions and all be done in one go.  That feeling of “Oh no the toilets need cleaning” will disappear.

HomeGleamers have also found that our more senior clients, so used to cleaning their homes daily, become frustrated that they can no longer manage to keep on top of their homes as they become less mobile.  Again, just that once a week blitz is enough to help them relax and enjoy their home, whilst knowing that it has had a thorough clean that week.  They are then free to potter around doing any top up cleaning as and when they feel able.

Do you crave a couple of hours extra leisure time?  Is it time that you admitted that you need extra help to keep on top of the cleaning?  Then give HomeGleamers a call for a friendly no-obligation chat with Jayne, our client services coordinator.  Jayne, a self-confessed cleaning addict, is perfect for helping you assess what will help you most, whether it’s just a cleaning service, a cleaning and ironing service or a service that includes tidying up too.  Call us today on 0117 911 5150.

Nov 25

Save Time By Using The Right Cleaning Products

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Save Time by using the Right Products

Would you like to save time whilst cleaning yourself or allow your cleaner to be more efficient by providing them with the right products to help you do that?  Then read on.

Today there is an amazing array of cleaning products at your disposal.  You only have to stand in the cleaning aisle of our local supermarket to realise that there is a product for cleaning just about anything from cleaning wipes, floor and surface cleaners to multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants.  Oh and don’t get me started on the array of air fresheners – how many does one family need?

#1.  Multi-purpose Products

If you look at the ingredients in many different named products, they are essentially the same.  The multi-purpose surface cleaner is very similar to the floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner.

Top Tip :  Buy a product that you can use throughout the house.  A general multi-purpose cleaner would be suitable for most rooms and surfaces within your home.  Find one that you can use on the bath, the kitchen sink, the floor and on all your surfaces too.  Why waste time and money using 5 products when one will do.

#2.  Buy a set of microfibre cloths

These are one of the best inventions for cleaning.  Use dry, with a little water or with a multi-purpose cleaner, they can be used on all surfaces and for pretty much all cleaning jobs.

Want to know how they work? (With thanks to

How microfiber cleaning cloths work

Chemical cleaning

If you clean the traditional way, with soap and water, the molecules of the detergent that you use (shown here with orange dots) stick to and break down the dirt and grime (brown blob). When you rinse with a wet cloth (red), the water molecules (blue dots) glued to its fibers stick to the detergent and wash it away with the dirt still attached. This is old-fashioned cleaning with chemistry. Compared to a microfiber cloth, a normal cloth has relatively few fibers so it cleans in a hit-and-miss way. Dirt gets missed and detergent and water often get left behind on the surface you’re cleaning.

Mechanical cleaning

If you use a microfiber cloth, there’s no detergent involved whatsoever, so how is the dirt removed? Instead of detergent, we rely on millions more fibers (shown here as blue lines) that can sweep dirt away. The fibers are made of plastic and many of them attach themselves to each dirt speck with van van der Waals forces. Working as a team, many fibers apply powerful enough forces to dislodge the dirt (loosened with a small amount of water) and carry it away, leaving the surface naturally dirt-free. This is new-fangled cleaning with physics using nothing but the adhesive power of forces—cleaning mechanically and without chemicals. The dirt stays locked inside the cloth’s fibers until you wash it in hot water, which makes the fibers uncurl slightly and release their dirty content.

If you’d rather not DIY but would like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Nov 25

Get More Time At Home With Systems, Tools And Our Top Tips

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Save Time with Systems, Tools and Our Top Tips

Every week the average Briton spends 5 hours per week cleaning and tidying.  How would you like some simple ideas to cut that time down?

Whether you do the cleaning yourself or have a professional cleaner coming in, there are some very simple systems you can put in place to save you time, effort and money.

#1.  Make sure everything has a place in your home – if it doesn’t – throw it out!!

Yes we live in the age of ‘stuff’, we all seem to be surrounded by it and in many homes that we visit, the main problem in keeping the house clean is lack of space to put things.

Top Tip :  Encourage each family member to keep a box in the corner of their bedroom and also keep one in the living room, dining room and study, in which they can put items that need to be recycled.  Items that are broken should be just thrown away.  But items that are still usable but juts now unwanted should be passed on to a local charity, sold on eBay or resold on at a local car boot fair.

Then encourage family members to find permanent homes for everything else.  Once items are put back in the same place every time, the house will look cleaner as there will be more free space and items will have been tidied away.  Your home will feel lighter and more airy too and you should feel calmer within a less cluttered space.

#2.  Have the right tools to keep your house clean

Men love gadgets don’t they?  Great, get them to research the best vacuum cleaner to suit your home.  There is no point have a massive upright super bagless machine with a big ball at the front if you need  to carry it up 3 flights of stairs every week to do the vacuuming. 

Have a look at your home, its layout and the flow in which someone would go around the home cleaning.  Do you need a smaller lighter vacuum for carrying around the house or have you got vast areas of carpet that need one of those great bagless wonders.  You may need both.

Top Tip:  Have several cleaning caddies in different rooms.  Keep one in each bathroom/cloakroom and encourage toilet cleanliness daily.  If you only use certain items upstairs, then keep them upstairs in a separate cupboard.  Stop spending time carrying things all over the place when they could be kept close to where they are needed.

#3.  Have a system.

If you’re cleaning the home yourself or are sharing the task with housemates/family then have a system eg Monday – clean bathrooms, Tuesday – clean kitchen, Wednesday – dust and vacuum upstairs, Thursday – dust and vacuum downstairs, Friday – declutter and empty bins etc.

Top Tip:  Younger children love to help around the house so encourage them by giving them responsibility to help from a young age and increase that responsibility as they grow older.  This will help them when they move into their first home – at least they will have been taught how to clean and look after a home.

If you’d rather not DIY but would like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Jul 22

HomeGleamers – Introducing Samantha Burton

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We have had a change of office assistants with Charlotte leaving for pastures new and Samantha Burton or Sam as she likes to be known joining us to assist with the running of Sam Happy Birthday croppedHomeGleamers. Sam is going to be more than just an assistant helping us with growing the business especially in the marketing and promotion of HomeGleamers.

Sam is a local young lady having grown up in the village where we are located. She is a very bright with 13 GCSE and 3 A Levels and an AS Level. When growing up in the village she was involved a great deal in amateur dramatics, doing lots of acting and she has appeared in the BBC TV series Casualty as an extra lots of times when they filmed the series in Bristol.

They really loved her and said she had the perfect face for what they were looking for! She once spent a whole week filming and her character died. She was back a few weeks later as a new character.

We are delighted to have someone from our local village join our staff here at HomeGleamers and look forward to Sam working with us to grow our domestic cleaning business in Bristol.

Mar 10

Home Cleaners Bristol new name is HomeGleamers

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You might have noticed that we have changed the name of our company recently. We were never happy with the name Home Cleaners Bristol and have spent a lot of time thinking about a new

The Downs, Bristol.

The Downs, Bristol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

name for the business. We have gone through a whole list and tried different logos, consulted with two branding experts but in the end we have changed the name to something close to home.

We have changed the name to HomeGleamers® to match the new trading name of our other company OvenGleamers® – which you might also know as OvenGleam as we still have two vans branded as OvenGleam and we park one out one The Downs in Bristol to advertise the business. So now we have OvenGleamers and HomeGleamers.

We have matched the logo of HomeGleamers to OvenGleamers so has the same blue text and yellow star logo. Also we have gone to the trouble of trademarking the name just to make sure that we can stop other people using a similar name. We have successfully challenged one company already.

With the new name we have switched to new adverts, new business cards and headed notepaper, new Home Guide for clients and new branded agreements. In all it all looks very smart and professional, which we are glad about after not having a consistent brand when we were trading as Home Cleaners Bristol. We run both businesses from our office in Pill in North Somerset – the old Cheers Charity Shop in the Shopping Centre.

So we are still using the main website we used to have but we have registered the right domains and forwarded those to the main site.

If you like what we have done please comment here or on our Facebook page.

Here’s to a successful 2015 finding the right cleaners for clients.

And of course if you require a cleaner for your home please give us a ring now on 01275 370573 or put your details on the Call Back Request Form to the right here.

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