Nov 25

How To Find A Home Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Finding A Cleaner – The Trials & Tribulations – DIY or Call in The Professionals!

Do you despair and give up hope that you will never find a suitable cleaner?  Years ago (prior to starting HomeGleamers) I needed a cleaner and faced that dilemma – do I find one myself or use a professional domestic cleaning company to find one for me. 

First I went down my own route – placed an advert in a local shop and crossed my fingers.  I had a few replies but I have to say I was not confident by speaking to any of the ‘cleaners’ that called that they would be suitable for me.  I lived alone at that stage and went abroad a lot so I needed someone I could trust implicitly. 

Back to the drawing board, I started phoning cleaning companies and yes I phoned all of them! To be fair I am fussy about who I spend my money with so companies that I work with have to reach a certain standard.  But for many of those companies not even the basics were there:  half of the companies did not answer (and had no answerphone), a couple answered the phone “‘Ello what do you want?” (no comment!) and of the rest only 2 sounded friendly, courteous and professional. 

Of the final 2 I arranged for them to come and see me – one lovely lady turned up from a local cleaning company and assured me she had plenty of cleaners that could help me and we arranged for her to call me back with suitable days that they could provide.  The second cleaning company representative did not even turn up!  When I called them asking where they were, they said that I lived too far away from them – so my question was then: why had they made the appointment with me in the first place!?  To which I did not get a reply.

A few days later with slight nervousness, I opened the door to my new cleaner and I have to say, that the local company came up trumps – she was with me for a few years, in fact until I moved away from the area.  So thank you to that one local cleaning company that actually wanted my business, got me a lovely cleaner and made me a happy client.

Some Top Advice Tips for you when deciding to DIY or to find a local Professional Cleaning Service


#1.  First ask your friends and neighbours – can they recommend anyone?  Local recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

#2.  If you place an advert in a local shop – only include your contact details NOT your address – you may get not only genuine applicants calling you but some odd people too.  So only leave it up until you’ve found your cleaner.

#3.  Go and interview the cleaner in their home – you want to see the type of person that they are and how they live before you invite them into your home and trust them with your cleaning.

#4.  Check their identity – see a passport/driving licence for photo ID and also a utility bill proving that they live in the home where you are interviewing them.  (It has been known for potential cleaners to meet us in their mates house because it’s cleaner!)

#5.  Ask for the names of at least 2 people who you can approach for references AND phone them and do not engage the cleaner until you have spoken to both of these referees.  You may also want those referees to put the reference in writing as confirmation of what they’ve said on the telephone to you.

Professional Service

#1.  Ask them how long they have been operating and how many clients they provide a service to.  You want to be sure that they’re not a fly-by-night company – here on day and gone the next.

#2.  Find out how they find their cleaners and how the selection and vetting process works – be sure that they will provide you with an honest and reliable cleaner.

#3.  Check that the company has insurance in place to cover the cleaners work within your home.  Ask about any restrictions and excess charges – know where you stand in the unlikely event of a claim. (We hope!)

#4.  Find out how you can get hold of someone if you need to – do they work office hours, where are they located – locally or overseas – yes some companies run their business from sunnier climates, relying on cleaners to sort themselves out without any local support.

#5.  Ask about sickness/holiday cover for your regular cleaner.  You don’t want to be paying for a service that doesn’t offer a cover cleaner when your regular cleaner of off with illness or away on holiday – the whole idea of a paying for a professional service is to ensure that your home gets cleaned Each and Every week without fail.

If you’d like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Nov 25

Save Five Hours A Week

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Do you clean for five hours each week? That’s how long the average Briton spends time cleaning and tidying with kitchens getting the most attention

Would you prefer to spend that time doing something more enjoyable?  Spend those extra hours with your family, enjoying a hobby or catching up with friends?

Britons spend nearly five hours a week keeping their homes clean, a survey found.   Kitchens are cleaned most often, while doing the oven and windows are the least popular jobs.

Quick Quiz:  How long do you spend cleaning your home?  Complete the far right-hand column with the timings taken by the average homeowner.  Add up what the total would be for your home.

Eg.  The average household: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and medium sized kitchen spends 4 hours per week just cleaning.

Were you shocked by how long you are spending just cleaning each week? 

HomeGleamers have found that the number one reason that clients pay for a cleaning service is to give them back some leisure time.  With 2 partners in a household often working, cooking, washing and cleaning has to be fitted into short evenings and the weekends, leaving little time for leisure time. 

Surely we’d all love to use some of those 5 hours doing something other than cleaning!

On average families spend 2 hours each evening preparing, cooking and enjoying dinner, catching up on washing and ironing and doing the shopping.  Cleaning is often shoehorned in small snatches of time so the home never seems to be fully clean at any one time. 

Even worse, some of us allocate Saturday morning as “cleaning time” and spend 2-3 hours of the first day of our weekend – cleaning.  Imagine waking up every Saturday morning knowing that the first thing you’ve got to do it clean.  I know that would make me dread Saturday mornings.

This is where a home cleaning service offers every household a valuable lifeline.  Once a week a cleaner can sweep in (excuse the pun) and blitz your home from top to bottom leaving you with that “Wow isn’t it lovely and clean” feeling when you walk in the door. 

The average home needs usually 2 to 3 hours per week for a thorough clean and of course if that ironing pile seems to never diminish, many cleaning services offer an in-home ironing service too.  Wouldn’t that be great, to come home to all your clothes ironed and neatly folded, ready to be put away.

For busy households with parents and children coming and going, time is precious and often those few family hours are a little tense as we all juggle trying to fit everything in.  Often arguments occur due to clutter build up, washing up not done and the bathrooms being permanently in a state of chaos.

With a once a week cleaning service, families do not need to worry, their home will have been cleaned professionally, with no interruptions and all be done in one go.  That feeling of “Oh no the toilets need cleaning” will disappear.

HomeGleamers have also found that our more senior clients, so used to cleaning their homes daily, become frustrated that they can no longer manage to keep on top of their homes as they become less mobile.  Again, just that once a week blitz is enough to help them relax and enjoy their home, whilst knowing that it has had a thorough clean that week.  They are then free to potter around doing any top up cleaning as and when they feel able.

Do you crave a couple of hours extra leisure time?  Is it time that you admitted that you need extra help to keep on top of the cleaning?  Then give HomeGleamers a call for a friendly no-obligation chat with Jayne, our client services coordinator.  Jayne, a self-confessed cleaning addict, is perfect for helping you assess what will help you most, whether it’s just a cleaning service, a cleaning and ironing service or a service that includes tidying up too.  Call us today on 0117 911 5150.

Nov 25

Save Time By Using The Right Cleaning Products

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Save Time by using the Right Products

Would you like to save time whilst cleaning yourself or allow your cleaner to be more efficient by providing them with the right products to help you do that?  Then read on.

Today there is an amazing array of cleaning products at your disposal.  You only have to stand in the cleaning aisle of our local supermarket to realise that there is a product for cleaning just about anything from cleaning wipes, floor and surface cleaners to multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants.  Oh and don’t get me started on the array of air fresheners – how many does one family need?

#1.  Multi-purpose Products

If you look at the ingredients in many different named products, they are essentially the same.  The multi-purpose surface cleaner is very similar to the floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner.

Top Tip :  Buy a product that you can use throughout the house.  A general multi-purpose cleaner would be suitable for most rooms and surfaces within your home.  Find one that you can use on the bath, the kitchen sink, the floor and on all your surfaces too.  Why waste time and money using 5 products when one will do.

#2.  Buy a set of microfibre cloths

These are one of the best inventions for cleaning.  Use dry, with a little water or with a multi-purpose cleaner, they can be used on all surfaces and for pretty much all cleaning jobs.

Want to know how they work? (With thanks to

How microfiber cleaning cloths work

Chemical cleaning

If you clean the traditional way, with soap and water, the molecules of the detergent that you use (shown here with orange dots) stick to and break down the dirt and grime (brown blob). When you rinse with a wet cloth (red), the water molecules (blue dots) glued to its fibers stick to the detergent and wash it away with the dirt still attached. This is old-fashioned cleaning with chemistry. Compared to a microfiber cloth, a normal cloth has relatively few fibers so it cleans in a hit-and-miss way. Dirt gets missed and detergent and water often get left behind on the surface you’re cleaning.

Mechanical cleaning

If you use a microfiber cloth, there’s no detergent involved whatsoever, so how is the dirt removed? Instead of detergent, we rely on millions more fibers (shown here as blue lines) that can sweep dirt away. The fibers are made of plastic and many of them attach themselves to each dirt speck with van van der Waals forces. Working as a team, many fibers apply powerful enough forces to dislodge the dirt (loosened with a small amount of water) and carry it away, leaving the surface naturally dirt-free. This is new-fangled cleaning with physics using nothing but the adhesive power of forces—cleaning mechanically and without chemicals. The dirt stays locked inside the cloth’s fibers until you wash it in hot water, which makes the fibers uncurl slightly and release their dirty content.

If you’d rather not DIY but would like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Nov 25

Get More Time At Home With Systems, Tools And Our Top Tips

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Save Time with Systems, Tools and Our Top Tips

Every week the average Briton spends 5 hours per week cleaning and tidying.  How would you like some simple ideas to cut that time down?

Whether you do the cleaning yourself or have a professional cleaner coming in, there are some very simple systems you can put in place to save you time, effort and money.

#1.  Make sure everything has a place in your home – if it doesn’t – throw it out!!

Yes we live in the age of ‘stuff’, we all seem to be surrounded by it and in many homes that we visit, the main problem in keeping the house clean is lack of space to put things.

Top Tip :  Encourage each family member to keep a box in the corner of their bedroom and also keep one in the living room, dining room and study, in which they can put items that need to be recycled.  Items that are broken should be just thrown away.  But items that are still usable but juts now unwanted should be passed on to a local charity, sold on eBay or resold on at a local car boot fair.

Then encourage family members to find permanent homes for everything else.  Once items are put back in the same place every time, the house will look cleaner as there will be more free space and items will have been tidied away.  Your home will feel lighter and more airy too and you should feel calmer within a less cluttered space.

#2.  Have the right tools to keep your house clean

Men love gadgets don’t they?  Great, get them to research the best vacuum cleaner to suit your home.  There is no point have a massive upright super bagless machine with a big ball at the front if you need  to carry it up 3 flights of stairs every week to do the vacuuming. 

Have a look at your home, its layout and the flow in which someone would go around the home cleaning.  Do you need a smaller lighter vacuum for carrying around the house or have you got vast areas of carpet that need one of those great bagless wonders.  You may need both.

Top Tip:  Have several cleaning caddies in different rooms.  Keep one in each bathroom/cloakroom and encourage toilet cleanliness daily.  If you only use certain items upstairs, then keep them upstairs in a separate cupboard.  Stop spending time carrying things all over the place when they could be kept close to where they are needed.

#3.  Have a system.

If you’re cleaning the home yourself or are sharing the task with housemates/family then have a system eg Monday – clean bathrooms, Tuesday – clean kitchen, Wednesday – dust and vacuum upstairs, Thursday – dust and vacuum downstairs, Friday – declutter and empty bins etc.

Top Tip:  Younger children love to help around the house so encourage them by giving them responsibility to help from a young age and increase that responsibility as they grow older.  This will help them when they move into their first home – at least they will have been taught how to clean and look after a home.

If you’d rather not DIY but would like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

Jul 22

HomeGleamers – Introducing Samantha Burton

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We have had a change of office assistants with Charlotte leaving for pastures new and Samantha Burton or Sam as she likes to be known joining us to assist with the running of Sam Happy Birthday croppedHomeGleamers. Sam is going to be more than just an assistant helping us with growing the business especially in the marketing and promotion of HomeGleamers.

Sam is a local young lady having grown up in the village where we are located. She is a very bright with 13 GCSE and 3 A Levels and an AS Level. When growing up in the village she was involved a great deal in amateur dramatics, doing lots of acting and she has appeared in the BBC TV series Casualty as an extra lots of times when they filmed the series in Bristol.

They really loved her and said she had the perfect face for what they were looking for! She once spent a whole week filming and her character died. She was back a few weeks later as a new character.

We are delighted to have someone from our local village join our staff here at HomeGleamers and look forward to Sam working with us to grow our domestic cleaning business in Bristol.

Mar 10

Home Cleaners Bristol new name is HomeGleamers

By admintam | cleaners bristol

You might have noticed that we have changed the name of our company recently. We were never happy with the name Home Cleaners Bristol and have spent a lot of time thinking about a new

The Downs, Bristol.

The Downs, Bristol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

name for the business. We have gone through a whole list and tried different logos, consulted with two branding experts but in the end we have changed the name to something close to home.

We have changed the name to HomeGleamers® to match the new trading name of our other company OvenGleamers® – which you might also know as OvenGleam as we still have two vans branded as OvenGleam and we park one out one The Downs in Bristol to advertise the business. So now we have OvenGleamers and HomeGleamers.

We have matched the logo of HomeGleamers to OvenGleamers so has the same blue text and yellow star logo. Also we have gone to the trouble of trademarking the name just to make sure that we can stop other people using a similar name. We have successfully challenged one company already.

With the new name we have switched to new adverts, new business cards and headed notepaper, new Home Guide for clients and new branded agreements. In all it all looks very smart and professional, which we are glad about after not having a consistent brand when we were trading as Home Cleaners Bristol. We run both businesses from our office in Pill in North Somerset – the old Cheers Charity Shop in the Shopping Centre.

So we are still using the main website we used to have but we have registered the right domains and forwarded those to the main site.

If you like what we have done please comment here or on our Facebook page.

Here’s to a successful 2015 finding the right cleaners for clients.

And of course if you require a cleaner for your home please give us a ring now on 01275 370573 or put your details on the Call Back Request Form to the right here.

Oct 15

What is a standard home clean?

By admintam | cleaners bristol

The  standard clean you can expect from one of the cleaners that we provide to you for your Bristol home will be:

1. Whole of kitchen cleaned consisting of work surfaces, sink, floor. The floor being hovered first and then mopped.

2. Whole of bathroom cleaned, which will include the mirrors, taps, floor.

3. The whole of the house cleaned; dusted through and then vacuumed through out, and then polished.

Sometimes if you are not using the whole of your house we may suggest that the main living rooms are cleaned regularly and the other rooms on rotation. This will save you money but still ensure that your house is kept up to a standard cleanliness.

For things like the oven cleaned we would recommend getting it professionally cleaned by our sister company OvenGleamers (01275 370571) and then after that asking the cleaner to keep on top of it by incorporating it into her regular clean.


Jan 19

Finding a Cleaner – The Pitfalls Part Four

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Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Four:
Who supplies the cleaning products? There is often an ongoing battle of wills between different cleaning companies on the ‘value’ of providing cleaning products! There are 2 schools of thought:
1. If the company/cleaner supplies the equipment, cleaning cloths and products – are they ones you like, are clean cloths used at each property and is the equipment cleaned between homes to stop the carriage of dirt or animal hairs from one place to another?
2. If the client provide everything (yes you have to shop for it occasionally) then you choose the products you like, only your cloths and equipment is used in your home so no transference issues and your home will smell (or not) as you like it.
Cleaners Bristol – Home Cleaners Bristol offers clients the choice – most clients provide their own equipment and products.

Personally I like certain products and hate others and have had cleans by other companies in the past when I have come home and my house has been full of chemical smells – in fact I think they just sprayed the whole house with product and forgot to clean!!! I was not impressed.

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Jan 18

Finding A Cleaner – The Pitfalls Part Three

By admintam | Find A Cleaner

Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Three:
Not checking if they can clean! Ask the cleaner to come and do a trial clean for you before committing to a longer service. If you find they are not up to your standard, it’s then very difficult to change your mind and ask a cleaner not to return if you have agreed an ongoing cleaning service with them. You are entitled to do that of course but it’s uncomfortable to do.
Cleaners Bristol – Home Cleaners Bristol have all prospective cleaners carry out a trial clean in our home – that way we can be absolutely sure what their abilities are and can give that cleaners guidance if necessary too should they need it.

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Jan 17

Finding A Cleaner The Pitfalls Part Two

By admintam | Find A Cleaner

Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Two:
Failing to follow up references! We all do it – we meet a person, like them and always see the good in them – but do we really know them at first meeting? NO. Ask a prospective cleaner for references – check them out – do not just accept handwritten or photocopied references – follow them up – they may have written them themselves or got a friend to do it (yes this really does happen – A LOT).
Home Cleaners Bristol gain at least 2 verbal and 2 written references on each prospective cleaner – we have to be careful with the team that we have – we need to be sure that they are honest, trustworthy, reliable and suitable for cleaning work.
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