How To Find A Home Cleaner

By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Nov 25

Finding A Cleaner – The Trials & Tribulations – DIY or Call in The Professionals!

Do you despair and give up hope that you will never find a suitable cleaner?  Years ago (prior to starting HomeGleamers) I needed a cleaner and faced that dilemma – do I find one myself or use a professional domestic cleaning company to find one for me. 

First I went down my own route – placed an advert in a local shop and crossed my fingers.  I had a few replies but I have to say I was not confident by speaking to any of the ‘cleaners’ that called that they would be suitable for me.  I lived alone at that stage and went abroad a lot so I needed someone I could trust implicitly. 

Back to the drawing board, I started phoning cleaning companies and yes I phoned all of them! To be fair I am fussy about who I spend my money with so companies that I work with have to reach a certain standard.  But for many of those companies not even the basics were there:  half of the companies did not answer (and had no answerphone), a couple answered the phone “‘Ello what do you want?” (no comment!) and of the rest only 2 sounded friendly, courteous and professional. 

Of the final 2 I arranged for them to come and see me – one lovely lady turned up from a local cleaning company and assured me she had plenty of cleaners that could help me and we arranged for her to call me back with suitable days that they could provide.  The second cleaning company representative did not even turn up!  When I called them asking where they were, they said that I lived too far away from them – so my question was then: why had they made the appointment with me in the first place!?  To which I did not get a reply.

A few days later with slight nervousness, I opened the door to my new cleaner and I have to say, that the local company came up trumps – she was with me for a few years, in fact until I moved away from the area.  So thank you to that one local cleaning company that actually wanted my business, got me a lovely cleaner and made me a happy client.

Some Top Advice Tips for you when deciding to DIY or to find a local Professional Cleaning Service


#1.  First ask your friends and neighbours – can they recommend anyone?  Local recommendations are worth their weight in gold.

#2.  If you place an advert in a local shop – only include your contact details NOT your address – you may get not only genuine applicants calling you but some odd people too.  So only leave it up until you’ve found your cleaner.

#3.  Go and interview the cleaner in their home – you want to see the type of person that they are and how they live before you invite them into your home and trust them with your cleaning.

#4.  Check their identity – see a passport/driving licence for photo ID and also a utility bill proving that they live in the home where you are interviewing them.  (It has been known for potential cleaners to meet us in their mates house because it’s cleaner!)

#5.  Ask for the names of at least 2 people who you can approach for references AND phone them and do not engage the cleaner until you have spoken to both of these referees.  You may also want those referees to put the reference in writing as confirmation of what they’ve said on the telephone to you.

Professional Service

#1.  Ask them how long they have been operating and how many clients they provide a service to.  You want to be sure that they’re not a fly-by-night company – here on day and gone the next.

#2.  Find out how they find their cleaners and how the selection and vetting process works – be sure that they will provide you with an honest and reliable cleaner.

#3.  Check that the company has insurance in place to cover the cleaners work within your home.  Ask about any restrictions and excess charges – know where you stand in the unlikely event of a claim. (We hope!)

#4.  Find out how you can get hold of someone if you need to – do they work office hours, where are they located – locally or overseas – yes some companies run their business from sunnier climates, relying on cleaners to sort themselves out without any local support.

#5.  Ask about sickness/holiday cover for your regular cleaner.  You don’t want to be paying for a service that doesn’t offer a cover cleaner when your regular cleaner of off with illness or away on holiday – the whole idea of a paying for a professional service is to ensure that your home gets cleaned Each and Every week without fail.

If you’d like our help in finding a suitable cleaner for your home, please call our Client Services Coordinator Jayne Hardy on 0117 911 5150 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  She is based in our offices in Pill, Bristol.

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