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By Graham Rogers | Cleaning Top Tips

Nov 25

Do you clean for five hours each week? That’s how long the average Briton spends time cleaning and tidying with kitchens getting the most attention

Would you prefer to spend that time doing something more enjoyable?  Spend those extra hours with your family, enjoying a hobby or catching up with friends?

Britons spend nearly five hours a week keeping their homes clean, a survey found.   Kitchens are cleaned most often, while doing the oven and windows are the least popular jobs.

Quick Quiz:  How long do you spend cleaning your home?  Complete the far right-hand column with the timings taken by the average homeowner.  Add up what the total would be for your home.

Eg.  The average household: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and medium sized kitchen spends 4 hours per week just cleaning.

Were you shocked by how long you are spending just cleaning each week? 

HomeGleamers have found that the number one reason that clients pay for a cleaning service is to give them back some leisure time.  With 2 partners in a household often working, cooking, washing and cleaning has to be fitted into short evenings and the weekends, leaving little time for leisure time. 

Surely we’d all love to use some of those 5 hours doing something other than cleaning!

On average families spend 2 hours each evening preparing, cooking and enjoying dinner, catching up on washing and ironing and doing the shopping.  Cleaning is often shoehorned in small snatches of time so the home never seems to be fully clean at any one time. 

Even worse, some of us allocate Saturday morning as “cleaning time” and spend 2-3 hours of the first day of our weekend – cleaning.  Imagine waking up every Saturday morning knowing that the first thing you’ve got to do it clean.  I know that would make me dread Saturday mornings.

This is where a home cleaning service offers every household a valuable lifeline.  Once a week a cleaner can sweep in (excuse the pun) and blitz your home from top to bottom leaving you with that “Wow isn’t it lovely and clean” feeling when you walk in the door. 

The average home needs usually 2 to 3 hours per week for a thorough clean and of course if that ironing pile seems to never diminish, many cleaning services offer an in-home ironing service too.  Wouldn’t that be great, to come home to all your clothes ironed and neatly folded, ready to be put away.

For busy households with parents and children coming and going, time is precious and often those few family hours are a little tense as we all juggle trying to fit everything in.  Often arguments occur due to clutter build up, washing up not done and the bathrooms being permanently in a state of chaos.

With a once a week cleaning service, families do not need to worry, their home will have been cleaned professionally, with no interruptions and all be done in one go.  That feeling of “Oh no the toilets need cleaning” will disappear.

HomeGleamers have also found that our more senior clients, so used to cleaning their homes daily, become frustrated that they can no longer manage to keep on top of their homes as they become less mobile.  Again, just that once a week blitz is enough to help them relax and enjoy their home, whilst knowing that it has had a thorough clean that week.  They are then free to potter around doing any top up cleaning as and when they feel able.

Do you crave a couple of hours extra leisure time?  Is it time that you admitted that you need extra help to keep on top of the cleaning?  Then give HomeGleamers a call for a friendly no-obligation chat with Jayne, our client services coordinator.  Jayne, a self-confessed cleaning addict, is perfect for helping you assess what will help you most, whether it’s just a cleaning service, a cleaning and ironing service or a service that includes tidying up too.  Call us today on 0117 911 5150.

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