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Mar 10

Home Cleaners Bristol new name is HomeGleamers

By admintam | cleaners bristol

You might have noticed that we have changed the name of our company recently. We were never happy with the name Home Cleaners Bristol and have spent a lot of time thinking about a new

The Downs, Bristol.

The Downs, Bristol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

name for the business. We have gone through a whole list and tried different logos, consulted with two branding experts but in the end we have changed the name to something close to home.

We have changed the name to HomeGleamers® to match the new trading name of our other company OvenGleamers® – which you might also know as OvenGleam as we still have two vans branded as OvenGleam and we park one out one The Downs in Bristol to advertise the business. So now we have OvenGleamers and HomeGleamers.

We have matched the logo of HomeGleamers to OvenGleamers so has the same blue text and yellow star logo. Also we have gone to the trouble of trademarking the name just to make sure that we can stop other people using a similar name. We have successfully challenged one company already.

With the new name we have switched to new adverts, new business cards and headed notepaper, new Home Guide for clients and new branded agreements. In all it all looks very smart and professional, which we are glad about after not having a consistent brand when we were trading as Home Cleaners Bristol. We run both businesses from our office in Pill in North Somerset – the old Cheers Charity Shop in the Shopping Centre.

So we are still using the main website we used to have but we have registered the right domains and forwarded those to the main site.

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Here’s to a successful 2015 finding the right cleaners for clients.

And of course if you require a cleaner for your home please give us a ring now on 01275 370573 or put your details on the Call Back Request Form to the right here.