What is a standard home clean?

By admintam | cleaners bristol

Oct 15

The  standard clean you can expect from one of the cleaners that we provide to you for your Bristol home will be:

1. Whole of kitchen cleaned consisting of work surfaces, sink, floor. The floor being hovered first and then mopped.

2. Whole of bathroom cleaned, which will include the mirrors, taps, floor.

3. The whole of the house cleaned; dusted through and then vacuumed through out, and then polished.

Sometimes if you are not using the whole of your house we may suggest that the main living rooms are cleaned regularly and the other rooms on rotation. This will save you money but still ensure that your house is kept up to a standard cleanliness.

For things like the oven cleaned we would recommend getting it professionally cleaned by our sister company OvenGleamers (01275 370571) and then after that asking the cleaner to keep on top of it by incorporating it into her regular clean.


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