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Dec 22

Ultimate Guide To: Shower Cleaning

By admintam | Cleaning Top Tips

Ideally keeping a daily eye on the cleanliness of your shower with ensure that your shower

English: shower head Deutsch: Duschkopf mit st...

English: shower head Deutsch: Duschkopf mit strömenden Wasser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

remains sparklingly clean.

Shower Tray:  Clean the base with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner.  If you live in a hard water area you will also need to use a limescale remover about once per week.

Cleaning the Shower Screens: The easiest was of cleaning the shower screen is to us a solution of washing-up liquid.  If you have a folding shower screen make sure you pay particular attention to the hinge sections, which can get very dirty.  Use a limescale remover to clean off any white watermarks.

Cleaning Your Shower Head:  You can descale this with a liquid descaler and an old toothbrush.  Or my preferred option soak the shower head in a solution of white vinegar and water and leave for a couple of hours.  I also find that lemon juice works really well too.

Mould:  Damp areas may be susceptible to mould which appears as black spores.  Ideally to clean it off, spray with a fungicide and re-spray regularly to prevent further mould growth.

Discoloured Grout: Try cleaning with an old toothbrush and a solution of diluted household bleach.

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